Munir Brothers started its operations in 1987; MB at present has approximately 100 people on its payroll, and branches in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Based upon relationships built over the past two decades, the company currently boasts of a large and varied client base, comprising mainly of, Multinational Corporations, Aid Agencies, Embassies, Educational Institutions Government Institutions, Hotels, and Industries.  Each of the branch office is fully equipped with hardware repair lab and competent team of certified engineers. The Branch network is integrated to share all the hardware & software related support expertise. The following are some of the major support services that MB is currently providing:

  1. Hardware Support for PC to High end Servers
  2. Installation, Deployment and maintenance of High end Cluster Solutions
  3. Operation System Support Services that includes, Solaris, JDS, Windows, Netware, UNIX and Linux etc.

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